Sunday, November 18, 2012

ABC Post #28

The topic of this post is the friends. One reason I love conferences is that I get to geek out with some really great pals. This year, Rachel presented with me. She's a genius, and I love her so much. One thing that's so fabulous about her is that she has an easy and appealing presentation style that I find to be reassuring. Besides doing the talk with her, I walked by her side and rubbed her arm a bit. I used see her every flipping day, and now I don't get to. This is a hardship, for sure, and one I will have to endure.

I also had a great time with Jim, who kindly purchased me a giant slushy beverage at the conclusion of my presentation. Way to swoop in and make the day, JIM.

Judy was a third friend that I heartily enjoyed. I tried to convince Judy that because we share a last name, we're probably related. "Really?" she said. "It's a pretty common name..." Okay, so I was exercising some wishful thinking.

Always fab to see Lee, of course. My admiration for her is well-documented on this very website.

Finally, Pronto also came along and tried marginally to limit his disparaging remarks about English-teacher fashion sense. Thanks for exercising the self control, Dan! My professional peeps and I really appreciate your generosity.


LH said...

I didn't want it to end.
Usually by the end of the conference, I'm ready to head home, but I wanted another day of talks, another night of frolic.

Definitely one for the record books.

Loved seeing you and the crew.

jdoc said...

I am feeling sad about missing the fun. But that's good incentive to be there next year. Will you all be doing it again?

KC said...

I'm not sure about next year, yet, but we should really make other plans to see each other soon, jdoc!!