Tuesday, December 24, 2013


It's widely known that I struggle to to keep the holiday cheer throughout the season.  I've been better in the last five to ten years, I would say.  Dan might disagree, but I'm really convinced that I've been excellent.

I was even excellent today when my oldest child rejected our seven year-old holiday tradition of gingerbread house decorating.  The youngest child has never really taken to it, so all of a sudden I'm left with a ginormous mess for an activity that no one cares about.  And the roof of the second house wouldn't even stay on.

I took some deep breaths and suggested a new holiday tradition of sitting on the couch and watching movies while eating microwave popcorn. 


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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you! Your new tradition sounds like one that would be welcome in this busy holiday season. If Mac gets the urge, you can always use graharm crackers. Saw a whole village at a local church with thick icing and lots of candy. Looking forward to your holiday tradition of visiting a grandparent in a warm place! That's a tradition you grow up with, Love, mom