Monday, December 2, 2013

Dan Does Not Approve

I decided that we would "do Advent" this year, in that we would light the candles, read the readings, say the prayers, and go to church for the four Sundays before Christmas.

There are a few obstacles to "doing Advent."  One is that there's always hockey, so only Mac and I went to the Children's Service last Sunday.  The second one is that I don't really like the Children's Service, and yet, the regular service is too long and too late for it to really work.  The third is that I'm going to be out of town next Sunday at a conference.

"Well, I'm not taking them to church," Dan said, as I glanced at him hopefully.  "I don't care about your wishes."

I've gotten a lot of mileage out of this impulsive comment already, to tell the truth.  I've gotten a lot of mileage out of that, and out of the fact that he called me "bitch" DURING THE SINGING OF THE THANKSGIVING HYMNS. ACTUALLY DURING THE HYMNS. At our home.  In front of my mother. 

Here's what happened: It seemed he was singing the wrong verse, so I shot him a helpful (and certainly not reproachful) look, to which he responded, and I quote, "I'm singing harmony, Bitch."

Also, he doesn't care about my wishes.


mm said...

How unfortunate that he did not understand the helpfulness in your glance.

Maybe Pronto Pup should post on his side.

LH said...

Advent sounds great, but then life gets in the way. I like that Pronto is upfront about his feelings. Such a drag to have to second guess how people are feeling. Still, if he can't manage church, maybe Pronto can lead some prayers around the advent wreath.

KC said...

He says he would lead some prayers. There's no other side. He said he doesn't care about me and called me "bitch." That's love for you.

LH said...

Maybe you can buy Pronto a gift to show him how much you care, despite his curmudgeonly ways these days. There's been the expression of non love, and the recent hitting. You'll have to buy him something really nice to get the point across.

jdoc said...

I think I may have figured out my commenting problem (unable to post for a while now). This is a test. Also, I'm not sure Pronto needs any gifts, but LH has been married longer than I have so maybe she's right.