Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Guess what happened to my mom?  She was sleeping in her bed in her Florida rental - peacefully, not bothering anybody - when this large piece of art fell on her head.

What the heck?!

Have you ever heard of such a thing?!

She got cut by some of the glass from the frame, but otherwise, she seems to be okay.

Let's all take a moment to imagine what it would be like to have this huge heavy thing fall on your head while you're sleeping.  Not pleasant.  Not cool.


LH said...

I've spent some time imagining this event and just the imagining put me in a little bit of a bad mood. One time I was in a restaurant and a hanging pot of plastic flowers fell on my head and the people who worked at the restaurant didn't even care. I'm glad your mom's okay. Cut by glass in your sleep. That sounds horrible.

mm said...

Although it's a horrible incident, thunk is an awesome title... THUNK!

jdoc said...

This is terrible and proves a point I was making to Dave the other day about NOT hanging a very large piece of framed art above the baby's crib. Maybe your mom will feel better knowing her story may have just saved a young child.

Anonymous said...

A very SCARY event....a loud bag and shattering glass falling on my head in the dark of night! First thought, what is this- second thought, how do I get out from under this things without being more hurt? I think the angles helped me to escape. Cuts to scalp and a large clump of hair came out with small small glass particles when I combed my hair. Now on alert for a brain bleed which the doc said was possible but probably won't happen. Biggest lesson for all of us, do not hang art work with glass or heavy objects over a bed! KC's mom agrees with JDOC!