Monday, December 23, 2013

Deep Breath

I'm starting to wind down, despite some unforeseen complications occurring at the outset of the break.

Tomorrow, we'll complete the annual gingerbread house project.  My sister helped us make the dough, roll it out, cut the shapes, and bake it.  We were supposed to decorate the houses tonight, but instead we went to Shef's hockey game where he scored one goal and had two assists.  Kid's really coming along.

Today, I got to have lunch with bosom friend, Erin, who then drove me around to finish my holiday errands.  Nothing like a good pal who will drive you around and finish your errands.  Erin has been my friend for 24 years, so she tends to help me out when I need it.  Praise the Baby Jesus.

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LH said...

I like the news about Shef and about the lunch with Erin and the gingerbreads, but I'm curious about unforeseen complications.