Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ready to Go

We're headed south tomorrow to enjoy some sunshine.  There isn't much sunshine here in Minneapolis.  Just for fun, let's compare the 5-day forecasts:


Fort Myers:


LH said...

Incontrovertible evidence that you're doing the right thing. Head to Florida. I know you're not a huge bird fan, but try to photograph a few because there are some awesome birds there. Have Fun!

Jill said...

Where are you going? We went to the Pink Shell in Fort Myers Beach a few weeks ago and loved it.

KC said...

We will be birdwatching, LH! I am trying to rally the fam to go back to the Corkscrew Audubon place, which I loved. Jill, we're staying with my mom in Bonita Springs. Bonita Bay, it's called. It's warm, which is great. Any recommendations for activities??

Jill said...

Our only activities were boating, swimming, shell collecting, eating and drinking. :)