Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Intense and Debilitating Pain

Emergency: I'm having a serious problem with my neck that I slept on funny two nights ago.

Do you want to know why I keep sleeping funny on my neck?  It's because Mac is always getting in my bed and forcing me into strange positions.  Last night I told him that it was actually physically hurting me to have in my bed.  He seemed sad about that and stayed in his bed all night long.

In the meantime, I can't even talk or swallow due to the pain in my neck. I thought about crying over the pain in my neck, but that seemed futile and also like it would hurt.  I thought about going home to lie still on the couch, but the building sub is busy all afternoon.  Teaching is tough that way.

So, I'm seeing a medical professional in about 30 minutes over my lunch hour.  Let's see if she can fix it right up, shall we?


LH said...

Please keep us posted on this. Poor you!
Teaching is the worst profession when you're ill.

unabashed liberal said...

I hope by now your neck is feeling much better.

KC said...

Bad news on the neck front: the pain is going to last for awhile. She said she thinks there's a good chance I could be feeling marginally better by Friday. It's called torticollis. Meanwhile I have spasms and pain and hold my neck while talking to my students.

Not cool, Robert Frost.

mm said...

Yuck!!! Torticollis... now that's a new one... take care.

LH said...

It's also called Wry Neck. At first I thought I had it as well, but I don't.
I'm really sorry to hear about this.