Monday, September 22, 2014

All of Our Voices

It's time to hit the road and go back to school for another Monday.  It won't be Thirdlandia, and I'm going to miss those little citizens.  They'll just continue to do their work, and I won't even get to be there.  They'll tell their news at morning meeting, and I won't get to hear it.

And yet.  The sixers will do their work, and I'll be right along side them. This is a fact that brings me joy.  I even decided to copy Dr. H's morning meeting format for my advisory group, so today when my ten homeroomers come in, we'll sing a song I learned in Third Land.  It's a tune we can all enjoy, celebrating the connections between us.


LH said...

I watched the Purple Lights video about 50,000 times yesterday.

We miss you down here kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Love this song! It was great to meet you KC- so glad you got to experience Lotus! It really is the best!