Wednesday, September 24, 2014

You Get a Thumbs Up

You're probably wondering what happened when I implemented my new advisory format on Monday.  It was the one where we sing folk-type songs, read a poem, and then go about our business.

Well, it was awesome.

I told the kids the plan, handed out the three-pronged folders in which we'll keep the songs, just as they do in Thirdlandia.  One guy was like, "It's flashback to second grade!" I got some deets, and sure enough, the second grade teachers are loving the singing.

"What about after that?" I asked.  "Didn't your classes sing in third, fourth, or fifth?"

No, they said.

NO?!  Well, it's a good thing we're singing in sixth.

We loved "Building Bridges."  We even got it into a round.  I think we'll practice it again on Friday.

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LH said...

Omg. I loved reading this.