Sunday, September 21, 2014

Secondhand Sports Coat

All weekend Lee and Husbandman have been telling me about famed Swedish hip hop sensation Movits!  Basically, I couldn't wait to see Movits!  We saw lots of other bands first - The Revelers (5 stars), Full Set (3.5 stars), Aurelio (3.5 stars), Las Cafeteras (4 stars), Mames Babagenush (5 stars), and even more.

But Movits!  There would be towel-swirling, jumping, familiar beats that carried from song to song without unnecessary variation.

Lucky for me, we ended our Lotus experience with Movits!  I got really into it.  I danced super hard and laughed my head off at myself.  Perfecto Movits!  Bravo! and Encore!  Same song, different verse!


mm said...

Wow! The Movits do make one want to move!

LH said...

I found out that 2 of the Movits are brothers. But none of the Revelers seem to be related.

I loved this video.