Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Joiner

I'm going to be honest and say that some of my sixth grade colleagues have found it slightly amusing that I'm making the kids sing in advisory.  They may or may not be making a little bit of fun of me.  This includes my teaching partner, KK, who is also my neighbor and with whom I team teach at least once per week.

We're already aware of our differences.  I'm the warm, fuzzy, and goofy member of our pair.  She's more of the no-nonsense type.  The partnership works.  We click along.

But, she clearly wasn't into the advisory singing.  She may have even laughed in my face.

But then.  BUT THEN.

I had the great idea to invite that second grade class in which my students used to sing to a sing-A-LONG with the sixers.  We could each teach each other a song and then sing a song we all know. Maybe read some poems together too.

(Okay, yes, I got this idea in Third Land, the best place on earth.)

All of a sudden, KK, whose son is in said second grade class, was all, "I want to sing too" and "Can I join the singing?"

You see how this goes.  It's all fun and games until you want in on the party.


Anonymous said...

This sounds so awesome! Way to go! Everyone needs to sing!

LH said...

Can I join the singing?

That's the greatest question ever.

mm said...

I'm not sure about the singing, but I LOVE the idea of sharing poems.

Anonymous said...

In my grade school, grades 1 to 8, we sang. I remember learning "participles do limit" , "we are the verbals known as gerunds" and "the instruments of the band". During my college entrance test, I silently sung "gerunds" as there was a section on them!! So I support your build a spirit and can be an easy way to remember information! Mom

jhw said...

I love this!