Monday, September 8, 2014

Uh. She's a Beast.

Two tidbits from today:

First, my barre teacher went crazy with insane workout moves.  Whenever I decided to kind of give up, she would somehow telepathically know and yell, "Don't even THINK about it!!"  Those moments reminded me of labor.  As in, labor and delivery.

Second, I got home from barre and was greeted by Crabby Mac.  He was very upset that Dan said he couldn't have dessert without eating at least one vegetable.  You can imagine how excited he was to then participate in mandatory violin practice.

At the end of it, it was clear he needed to go to bed.  "You need to tell Dad goodnight.  You haven't been very pleasant with him this evening."

"But I'm not very pleasant ever," he said.


mm said...

Ha! I'm sure this was annoying, but it's quite cute.

LH said...

I'm not feeling super pleasant today, so I get this kid.