Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dip, Dip and Swing

It's been fun to be back home with these fine gentlemen.  I think they missed me only a little bit, but now they're happy to have me back.  While I was gone, Mac began speaking about himself in the third person pretty much exclusively.

"Mackie wants breakfast," for example.  "Mackie loves Mama," is a favorite.  Yesterday he said, "Mackie hates Extended Day," which is not true and caused me inconvenience.

Sheffie does not speak about himself in the third person, which is delightful.  He's mad at me about continually making him sit in the back (because I care about his safety and don't want him to DIE), but generally that doesn't impede his pleasantness.


jhw said...

Such a handsome group.

KC said...

Mac's teacher told me he cried a little on Friday because he was missing me. So, that's kind of cute. I asked Mac about it, and he said he was sad and then he got to snuggle a classroom stuffie called Mousie.