Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Knock on Wood

It was curriculum night.  Sometimes when I do public speaking, I'm totally charming and at ease.  Maybe 1-in-5 times, I get all flustered and red and breathless.

Sadly, the latter happened during my first presentation of the evening.  Damn!  I'm hoping the parents viewed me as endearing rather than spastic.

Later, I completely recovered, and I think I made a good impression.  I'm still bummed because I wanted to be perfect all night.  Oh well.


mm said...

It's never perfect my dear, but I'm sure you amazed and impressed!

LH said...

I hate that nagging feeling that things weren't on the mark.
But that's perfectionism and perfectionism is bad. That's what everyone says anyway.
And then they say let it go and all that. Which can also be annoying. Anyway, I'm sure it went well. Too bad you had to fast after it.