Sunday, September 14, 2014

Slide to the Left

Here are two cute kids at the finish of the Minneapolis Bike Tour.  It was another 16 mile ride.

I rode with Shef on this beautiful fall day.  Dan rode with Mac. Unfortunately for Dan, Mac cried for miles 3-6.  I'm not sure why he was crying because this bike tour was actually his idea.  "Do you want to do another bike tour?" I asked.  "Yes!" he said.  "I want to ride with Dad this time."

But then he cried for awhile.  Later, he decided to continue.  Of course, at the finish, he was proud and pleased to have done it.  So I rewarded him with fro yo.


Anonymous said...

Way to go West family!

mm said...

Cool shirt! I didn't make either the St. Paul or Minneapolis ride, but I have signed up for the University of Okoboji Octoberfest Ride.

LH said...

Well done, Riders.