Tuesday, December 16, 2014


To be honest, #TwinTuesday has become a highlight of my week.  It's met every expectation I have, and that's really something because I expected it to change my life.  I've become more creative.  I'm having more ideas.  After years of thinking about it, I started writing a book.  I have three pages, which is more than zero.

It's impossible to understate the power of #TwinTuesday.  I feel like weeping for joy because of it.  And I'm not even lying.


Mary M. said...

When I see Fitbits, I think I should get one. Last night my pastor had one at our church meeting, and I actually asked her if it was a Fitbit or the Revo Fit.

Anonymous said...

I love TT!

LH said...

I feel the same way. TwinTuesday is a delightful creative partnership. This week you've got kind of a 60's op art
Kind of vibe going that I really love