Friday, December 5, 2014

WLD #4

That's right, friends.  I've earned two of three stickers on the Bach Double, on which I've been working since August.  It's a dream come true.

I have been working on this piece and working on it and working on it.  I've been listening to it and listening to it.  I felt I could never get it.  I tried telling my teacher that I couldn't do it, but she said, try harder.

The piece is so tricky that kids (and, ahem, adult beginners) can earn 3 stickers, rather than the usual 1.  We can get one sticker for playing it with the music, while our teacher plays the 1st violin part.  We can get a second sticker for playing it from memory while our teacher plays the same part.  The third sticker comes from playing it in concert, which I will do on Sunday.  Oh Mylanta.  Wish me luck.


mm said...

Have fun on Sunday when you play it.

LH said...

Congrats on having your recital. This is a great accomplishment.