Saturday, December 6, 2014

WLD #5

I love having conversations with white people who don't recognize white privilege or believe in systemic racism.

I really love hearing about how more black Americans are in prison because blacks are more "inherently criminal" and violent.

I especially love hearing about how if I really want to understand America's racial utopia, I should leave the "white ghetto" on Minnesota and visit Texas, where black people take personal responsibility for their actions.  After all, no unarmed black people would be getting shot by police if they were in church and/or volunteering for charities.

This is what's happening on Facebook these days.  I'm trying to stay in the game.  And, I'm shocked by the overtly racist messages people are willing to post.  I have lied about my enjoyment of these conversations.  But, I keep getting into them.


mm said...

It was obvious to quite obvious that this is a lie.

LH said...

I am grossed out by some of the comments I'm reading these days on social media.
Husbandman and I read a great interview talk between Chris Rock and Frank Rich today.
Have you read it? So good.

Anonymous said...

The first I heard of white privilege, I was insulted! Then I started noticing things...and finally had to realize it is real. These recent events remind me of a Black colleague who told me that he feared for the life of his teenage sons when they were out...this was 15 years ago. Again, I wondered about him..then realized he might have a point...recent events have confirmed his fear. When will it get better? Hang in, mom