Sunday, December 7, 2014

WLD #6

I go through phases of wanting to live in a tiny house.  Do you know about tiny houses?  Most are built on wheels, and they're about 200 square feet.  You can't have a lot of stuff if you live in a tiny house.  You can use solar and wind power to meet your power needs.  Your toilet can compost.

I realize that living in a tiny house doesn't make a lot of sense for a family of four.  Most of the people I've found online who live the tiny lifestyle are young couples.  But, I haven't given up on this dream.  Maybe I could have a little tiny studio where I'll write my books that I'll be writing next year.  Maybe when we retire, I can convince Dan that we should live in a small house for maximum togetherness.  Maybe I'll DVR a tv show I read about called Tiny House Nation and we can plan for our minimalist life in the Rocky Mountains.


mm said...

I'm ready to read your books!

LH said...

I love those tiny houses. I wish I had one.

Gina Marie said...

I, too, love those tiny houses and wish I lived in one. Then I remember that my 1br apartment is not SO different from a tiny house, except that it is exorbitantly expensive and we do not own it.

Minor details.

A BOOK?! A novel? A memoir of how you and Pronto met in a coffeeshop, which I remember Mary and I agreeing was SO cool and SO romantic? A summary of all the cool things you, LH and MM do to be the best at education? This is so exciting. I'll read it, whatever it is.