Friday, December 12, 2014

WLD #9

I wish kids would stop leaving other kids out at recess.  We've talked to them about this behavior many times.  Look, we keep saying, recess is about INclusion, not EXclusion.  They nod their heads, but then they go to the gym at recess and won't let other kids on their teams.

Finally, we got tired of hearing about kids feeling sad about this particular soccer-based recess game called World Cup.  We decided to BAN this recess game and reinstate it as a club in the spring.

One of my little homies was upset about this choice.  "MS. W., he said, passing me in the hall, "They CANCELED World Cup for NO REASON."

"There was a reason," I said.

Deep sighing and head shaking ensued, but I stand by my decision.  We're on hiatus from this particular game, and that's final.


LH said...

This is one of my wishes too. I support making the game into a club in spring. That sounds like a very good solution. I support this decision whole heartedly. World Cup for ONE AND ALL.

mm said...

I think this might be bigger than a wish... It's a dream of everyone!