Wednesday, December 24, 2014

WLD #17

You know what I wish?  I wish when I'd dragged myself to barre class this morning at 8am that I hadn't been working out face-to-face with one of my least favorite students of all time.  Also, I'm pretty sure her mother was there with her. That mother was one my least favorite mothers of all time.
There were three mothers in my old school district who really didn't want to face the overwhelming evidence that their children had cheated.

One of them told me that her child had too close a relationship with Jesus to have cheated.

To another one, I said, "This is a clear case of academic dishonesty, but if the message YOU want to send her is that this behavior is okay, then I'll give her the seven points back."  She wanted the seven points.  "But it seems like you're just doing this to appease me," she said.  "Yes," I confirmed.

The third one, the one I saw this morning, was so disrespectful at conferences that her ex-husband came back later to say he thought I did a really good job with her.  "I know how she is," he explained.  "I used to be married to her."

I'm overwhelming grateful that my own mother, whose birthday it is today, did not engage in this type of apologist behavior.  When we screwed up, we screwed up.  And that was it.  There was no yelling at teachers or asking for academic hearings over a B+.  Thanks, Mom.

Happy birthday!  We miss you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wish and for the parenting compliment! Miss you guys too! Going to start my barre3 soon as I take my walk and figure out how to blow up the ball and what the other stuff in my box is...daughters do influence moms in very positive ways!

LH said...

I like how you handled that situation. Well done.

mm said...

I like the ex-husband coming back to apologize. In many instances the parents are actually worse than the child. In almost all instances there's some case of apple-- tree...