Saturday, December 20, 2014

WLD #15

Shef's dream is to be a professional athlete.  A second choice is to "do politic."  He came up with that this morning while we watched West Wing and addressed Christmas cards.

Lucky for him, his Auntie Erin also does politic. I'm pretty sure she could hook him up.  I told him about the time she was a senate page when she was in high school.

"But now she's like Leo," I explained.  This is true, as until yesterday, Erin was the Chief of Staff for the Mayor of St. Paul.  And Leo McGarry, the fictional character on West Wing, is the Chief of Staff for the fake President Bartlett.

"Okay," said Shef, "but I want to be in the legislative branch, not the executive branch."

"That's fine," I said.  "Erin's got connections there, too.  She worked for three members of the legislative branch."

He looked at me like he didn't believe me, but it's totally true.  If you want to "do politic" in Minnesota, you probably know Erin.


jdoc said...

The video is excellent! And from what I've heard, so is Erin. I do believe she now works for the same place I do. I saw her name in an email the other day and thought, "Well, good for us."

LH said...

Awesome vid. And congrats to Erin on the new job which sounds v. cool. And kudos to Shef for having fabulous dreams.

Mary M. said...

I love West Wing.