Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Brag Alert: The Morning Routine

I had to get to a meeting by 7:45 today, so the efficiency of the morning get-ready took on critical importance.  I woke at 4:55 to spearhead the entire effort, at which point I fed and walked the dog, prepared the coffee, ingested some breakfast, dressed myself in a fashionable and professional outfit, and then, at 6:30, empathetically woke the children.  I deposited Mac on the couch with his remote and the  poured him some cereal.  I gently shook Shef an additional time.  I applied natural-looking make-up to my face and curled my hair.  I supplied Mac with weather appropriate clothing and made sure he brushed his teeth.

Even with a last-minute shirt change by (who else?) Mac, we were in the car right on time at 7:16.

I'm sorry, but that's pretty damn good.  I even supported Shef when he explained on the way to school that his choir teacher instructed him to mouth, rather than sing, the high parts of songs.  "That happened to your grandfather, too," I told him.  He comes by his low, stubborn voice naturally.


mm said...

If I was Shef, I'd merely not sing instead of mouthing the words.

jdoc said...

This is amazing and so brag worthy. Well done.

LH said...

Wow. Incredible stuff. KUDOS!