Friday, November 13, 2015

Braggy Status Report: I'm the Realest

Reading: Turns out, I finished my New Year's Resolution to read 52 books early.  I'm now finished with 54.  This total includes 17 young adult/children's books, seven books of adult non-fiction, 21 books of adult fiction, three books of poetry, and six teacher professional development texts.  I'm just saying.

Writing: Another New Year's Resolution was to work on my fiction writing.  I have 52 pages of original fiction now.  I printed it out, and I'm figuring out where Alice's story is going.  I need an arc at this point, so I'm developing one.

Teaching: We're doing something new with Writer's Workshop and using Units of Study from Teachers College at Columbia University.  My sixers are cranking out some really interesting information writing.  We're writing non-fiction books next, which excites us.  I'm a writing coach.

Parenting: I become only mildly to moderately exasperated most mornings when trying to get to work with the slowest child on the planet.  I mostly feel only mildly to moderately jealous of other working parents who commute unencumbered.


mm said...

I've read 61, but I set my goal at 90. Poor planning? Lunacy?

mm said...

OH! Plus the idea of informational books is incredible. You rock!!

jdoc said...

I take my very slow nephew to music class on Fridays. His tortoise ways befuddle me. I mean, my children are cheetahs by comparison, and even they exasperate me some days.

This is all my way of saying, well done. Slow moving children are way hard to deal with when the starting of events is involved.

LH said...

Wow on everything, especially the book reading.