Monday, November 16, 2015

Brag it up: Everybody's Looking Forward to the Weekend

Last Friday, I had some surprise visitors from another school.  They were interested in our curriculum and our system of assessments.  So, naturally, my boss had them come and see my class on Friday during the last instructional period of the day.  She gave me almost no notice of their planned observation.  Just a little, Hey!  I'm sending you some visitors!  Be sure to be impressive!  Hope that's okay!

Of course it's okay.  Because do you know why?  The magic happens whether I've got visitors or not. The magic happens whether it's Friday afternoon at 2:30 or not.  So, did we make some pretty fancy moves in informational writing?  Yes, we did.  Did I coach individuals and use language to reinforce our democratic learning community?  Oh yes I did.  Did the visitors remark on their astonishment regarding our productivity and functionality, even though it was Friday at 2:30?  Obviously.

And that's how it's done.

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mm said...

You are remarkable. I'd like to be a visitor in your class.