Saturday, November 7, 2015

Brag It Up: Conference Edition

Yesterday, we gave a little talk at a conference.  To be honest, we were kind of disappointed to be assigned to the very last time slot of a two day conference that ended on Friday afternoon.  People don't generally feel like learning about grading for global competency at 4:00pm on Friday.  At 4:00pm on Friday, teachers generally stumble home or to a local establishment and order up a glass of wine after a long week of educating America's youth.

Luckily, a couple of schools offered bus service to the conference, and the busses didn't leave until after the final session.  Thus, some attendees were trapped with nowhere to go but our talk on grading for global competency.  I'm sure these people might have enjoyed hearing from us.  I mean, why not?!


Anonymous said...

Of course they enjoyed or at least begrugenly gained from your topic and the enthusiasm of you three! Those schools were smart to offer the buses! Mom

lee said...

They obviously loved every minute of your talk.

mm said...

Yuck! It is a crappy time slot. I'm sure the presentation was fab.