Thursday, November 19, 2015

So Brag: Thursday is the New Friday

This week, I was smart enough to sign up to go to the NCTE conference, taking place this year in MINNEAPOLIS, tomorrow.  That means this is my last teaching day of the week.  Also because I team teach, I no longer have to write lesson plans when I'm going to be gone.

Can you even imagine that benefit?  My team just covers for me, and kids have the same educational experience they would have had if I had been there.  Later, I cover for my teammates when they have alternative obligations.

It's smooth, it's smart, and it's good for kids.


mm said...

Jealous... This is fodder for my blog although my brag won't be legit.

lee said...

Smartest thing I've ever read about

jdoc said...

Love it. Want to meet up Saturday or Sunday?