Tuesday, November 10, 2015


It's time again for a beloved feature on Word Savvy and A Little Leeway, two longstanding and razor-sharp weblogs.  It's true #TwinTuesday isn't universally understood ("Is there supposed to be a STORY with the pairings?" I was recently asked) or appreciated ("Sometimes," admitted my mom, "I'm just like pffftttt").  However, #TwinTuesday is reflective of the type of creative stretching Lee and I commit ourselves to each and every day.  

Listen here: Do you know what it's like to be an unfamous blogger day after day for eleven years?  To keep the content fresh and accessible for whomever might stumble across it?  To be true to our creative selves in a public, though under-appreciated, forum?

It's not easy, and yet we make it happen.  And #TwinTuesday is a part of that.  Enjoy it or else.

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mm said...

I appreciate #twintuesday