Monday, November 2, 2015

More Fish Than You

November, here we go!  It's time to get back into the writing swing of things and get some words on the page.  I'm talking about here on the blog and also in #novelsnip.

The truth is that things have been a little irregular and a little intense.  I'm going to just describe it as the Fall Funk of 2015.  But, I'm tired of it, and it's over.

Do you think that'll work?

Let's go for it.

Here's a fun little anecdote to get things rolling.  Teddy the Canine has been in obedience class.  It should surprise absolutely no one that none of my family members agree to attend this class with me.  It's just me and the most attractive pupil.

Sadly, Teddy is not the most academically advanced pupil.  Superior students include Pippa, Cuddles, Dakota, Lu, Basil, and most notably, Maisy.  Maisy is a flipping genius, and boy do her people love to flaunt it, walking all over the room breezily during "stay" practice, giving me little condescending glances as I gradually decrease my proximity from twelve inches to sixteen.  But as a teacher, I know that life-long learning is not about competition.  Life-long learning is about continual progress, and I think Teddy is moving along his own trajectory.  Also, he's cuter than Maisy.  So there.

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mm said...

Learning is not a competition... so true. I'm sure Teddy is where he needs to be.