Monday, December 14, 2015

Here Comes the Comeback

10ish years ago, I started working with my pal Tim, who was obsessed with his first child, a fluffy mid-sized pooch named Gunnar.

I made a lot of fun of Tim for talking about Gunnar like he was a real person. I especially made fun of him for dropping Gunnar off at a daycare facility.  I mean, Tim paid cash money to watch his dog play with other dogs on a webcam. Ha ha HA!

Well, fast forward to the recent arrival of my 3rd child, a Goldendoodle named Teddy Bridgewater.  As you may have heard, he needs an amount of exercise that even I find prohibitive.  Come to find out there's a daycare facility on my way to work, and if I drop him there and pay cash money, I can watch him play with other dogs on a webcam.  And BONUS: he's so tired in the evenings that he sleeps docilely at my feet instead of finding and chewing everything in the house he's not allowed to find and chew.

File this turn-about in the "Never Say Never" category.  I'm upping daycare attendance to twice per week.


jdoc said...

Well, this is just common sense. Teddy needs the daycare.

mm said...

Daycare seems to be good for you and for Teddy, but it's difficult to say this without a picture of Teddy (either playing with his new pals or sleeping at your feet).