Sunday, December 20, 2015


#NovelSnip is a tiny portion of my fiction writing project.  Here's another #snip of the new project, which I'm calling School Story. Isobel has survived her asinine department meeting, praise The Lord.
Thirty minutes later, Isobel hunched over the steering wheel of her Sienna, headed home, where Mark would have blessedly prepared dinner, and Callie and Riley were likely ensconced on the couch, engrossed in an infernal Disney Channel offering.

“I know, Mom,” Callie would look over her shoulder lazily when a ridiculous caricature appeared on screen.  “It’s culturally insensitive.”

The drive was thirty minutes, far enough from the high school to avoid too many awkward grocery-store run-ins with the parents, whom she would recognize as familiar, but with no idea to which student they belonged.  Inevitably when these encounters occurred, the well-dressed mother would launch into a thinly-veiled critique of Isobel’s methods or grading, while Isobel, make-up free and sweatpants sagging from her hips, furtively stuffed a box of Lucky Charms into her cart that was otherwise filled with leafy greens and coconut water.

That's it!  I woke up early and wrote some more, and now there are six single-spaced pages.  Turns out, I have a lot of fodder when it comes to ridiculous school-based scenarios.  None from my current post, mind you.  But my previous job was just screaming to be fictionalized.

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LH said...

Love to read Novel Snip again.

This passage is indeed Fruity Pebbles, in the truest sense of the word.