Saturday, December 12, 2015

Still Goodbyeing

Ok, let's just blog every day for the rest of 2015.  It seems like the only thing to do.

Along with my new creative writing life, I'm a little behind this year on the gift buying.  Will I catch up?  It's likely.  I'm pretty sure the holiday will roll around, and I'll have something for everyone.

It might not be the perfect thing.  But there is no real perfect thing.  The perfect thing is a fallacy.

Will I catch up on creative living?  Catching up on creative living is a fallacy.  You just start right where you are.  Whenever you start is the right time.  Whatever you produce is the right thing.

Well, it might not be the right thing, but that's a fallacy.  It's better than no thing.

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mm said...

Every day?! Impressive.