Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Taking a break from book reviews to recap my favorite #TwinTuesday shots from this year.  #TwinTuesday is a little-understood, highly quirky creative collaboration.  Each week, Lee and I choose some random objects to photograph together.  The two objects are supposed to engender a feeling of the unexpected.  Like, wow, I never expected to see a photo of a wrench and an avocado together!  Or, Hmm! A flip flop AND a matchbox car?!

It was fun to scroll through the year on the blog and revisit the #TTs.  On the way, I realized I've really had a heck of a year.  I started writing and sharing fiction. We had several blog challenges that each produced interesting work. I continued to teach with two of the most talented, creative professionals I've ever met. I connected with siblings I've never known before. We road-tripped to Michigan. I took my blog down for several weeks, and then I brought it back. We procured the best dog I've ever known. I parented two delightful and interesting children.  I partnered in all things with a calm, whip-smart, and hilarious husband.

It's not been a bad year.  And #TwinTuesday has been a constant - a reliable mainstay - throughout. My faves are pictured above. They are, in order by date:
Lemon and Plastic Bug, 3/17
Flip Flop and Matchbox, 6/30
Baking Dish and Map, 7/21
Wrench and Avocado, 11/17
Smoothie Greens and Magnet, 12/15

Here are my next faves, just in case you wanted to know:
Bubbles and Avocado, 9/1
Poem and Charm, 9/22
Garlic and Dragon, 10/6
Framed Art and Energy Bar, 11/3
Salamander and Dryer Sheet, 11/24 (Included above for purposes of aesthetics)


mm said...

I am a fan of the flipflop and Matchbook car.

LH said...

#TwinTuesday. I wish we had them archived on a special webpage because they're all so awesome.