Friday, December 18, 2015

This Can't Be Me

I stopped by the Lower School library yesterday, and Elaine, the librarian, showed me that Mac's book, "Jack and the Beanstock [sic]" is number 1 on the local circulation list.  About two weeks ago, he started writing tons of books, stapling them together, drawing a few pictures, and handing them out to everyone, including the librarian with a directive to put this particular one into circulation.  

Elaine and Julie, the fabulous library teaching assistant, barcoded it and filed it with the picture books.  Awesome, right?

"Oh my God," I said, when Elaine showed me the Top 10.  "That kid is so..."  I paused here, trying to think of the right adjective.  "Funny," I decided.

"I was waiting to see what would follow 'so,'" Elaine laughed.

"What a weirdo," I shrugged.  

She nodded. The truth is, he's just so totally himself.  There's no convincing him to be anything but MAC.  It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.  After I heard the #1 news, I snuck up on the second grade room and took the above photo of him through the window on the door.  You can see his new look: long socks with shorts.  Part of me wants to just buy him a couple of pairs of tights, but I think Dan might disapprove.


mm said...

I love this!

Mimi said...

My grandson is tops!

jhw said...

I love this, too! The book and the outfits!