Thursday, December 24, 2015

#TwinTuesday Status Report

Okay, yeah, it's Thursday.  I'm on School Holiday Time, which is a thing where I lose track of what day it is.  Here's what's happening:

Rash: It's a psoriasis outbreak!  Turns out psoriasis can be small and dotty and scabby, in addition to being larger and pink and scaly.  Who knew?!  Luckily the professional dermatologists did, and I'm properly medicated to the tune of 307 additional dollars.  I'm also back on the light therapy.  This winter, I'll try not to do the thing where I tell every person who remarks on my tan-ness that my complexion is due to the light booth I frequent to treat my hideous and expensive skin condition.

Sisters: One of them is moving on Saturday from Minneapolis to a place called Easton, Pennsylvania.  It's been nice having her here, to tell you the truth, and I would prefer that she could be a premier arts consultant in the Twin Cities instead of in Easton.  Sadly, we don't always get what we want.  And, since we're lucky enough to live in the digital age, she can continue to text me constantly even from many states away.

Birthdays: It's my mom's birthday today.  I happen to know she reads this blog.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!

Raggedy Ann: How random that Lee and I both have Raggedy Ann dolls!  What a magical pairing for a Holiday #TwinTuesday.  I'm sure you're as glad to be a part of it as we were to make these photos for you.


mm said...

I love the Raggedy Ann dolls. Do you have Andy too?

LH said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom.

And Happy Christmas to Word Savvy's family and readers.