Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

Mary and I went to Zumba this morning. Our teacher was Leslie. We picked her class because she had an awesome video on YouTube featuring her and her crew dancing on the Stone Arch Bridge here in Minneapolis. You can see the original video here.

For this challenge post, I first danced along with the YouTube vid in front of my webcam. Then, I uploaded and downloaded the original video using Zamzar. You're probably not going to believe this, but I did the absolute best I could during the dancing. Then, in a probably spectacularly stupid move, I edited my own dancing into Leslie's original video.

OMG. Challenge participants, this is called: LAYING THE SMACK DOWN.

p.s. in this video, I'm wearing a LOFT sweater and LOFT jeans. Nice!!


mm said...

Great job on remix and dancing in video... two things I could never do (especially the dancing in video part!!!).

LH said...

At first I thought you had inserted clips of
Yourself into this bridge video. And I was super freaked
Out . Then I watched and understood. This is awesome.
Maybe he remix should go back on you tube?

I want to make a movie today . You have inspired me.

Liz said...

best. blog. post. evar.

Jim said...

Wow. There's a lot to be impressed with there. 1) I dance like a white uncle at a wedding, so zumba looks like Paula Abdul stuff to me and you do well; 2) I'm currently sitting on the couch watching this and gaining mass rather than deleting it; 3) I know those can be difficult video edits to match up your moves with the music and also splice the music correctly, so kudos; 4) the pile of stuff behind you to your right (screen left). That looks like our house right nows.

That was A+ stuff, plus you're a pleasure in class. I can't say enough about how much I like having KC in my blogging challenge. (A little parent-teacher conferences humor at the end for fun).

Oh, and gutsy all around. Much respect for gutsy.

KC said...

Thanks everyone! I realized I could have tipped my computer up, and then my head would have been in the video. But Dan says I make a scary face when I'm trying really hard at dancing, so this is probably better.

LH, it's back on YouTube! I wonder if Leslie will see it?

Jim, thanks for the props on the editing. It was kind of tricky. I didn't have to do anything with the music, though, because I just separated the audio from the clip, and then deleted bits of Leslie's video out to insert me.

dw said...

Has this thing gone viral yet or what? Awesome!

Rachel said...

Can I post this on facebook? I mean, seriously. Fab.

kc said...

I am trying to be famous at the moment, so sure! FB away!

LH said...

It would be kind of neat if I videotaped myself doing the routine and then remixed the vid yet again. Unfortunately, i'm pretty sure I can not do zumba at this point in time.