Thursday, December 16, 2010


I have an idea for a podcast that I'll record later, I hope, depending on when Mac falls asleep, but right this moment I'm announcing something amazing:

I have returned my archive to this URL!

As you may recall, last spring students started reading my blog en masse. I had to move the archive, lock it down, and delete every F-word I'd ever written, except the ones in quotes. (Of course those are mostly from Shef.)

This painstaking editing process was an excellent lesson in the pitfalls of new media self-publishing.


So finally, after months and months and editing the over 700 posts I'd written since 2005, the blog is all back together!

And thank God! Because, how else would we be able to re-read all the week-of December 16th posts I've ever written? Like this one from 2009, wherein I detail the results of my evaluation surveys. Or this one from 2008 when Mac was 6 months old. In 2007, I had only gained 9 of the 60 pounds I would eventually put on in pregnancy with Mac. I was desperate for winter break in 2006. In 2005, I documented a conversation between Shef and me that has become a FAMILY STORY, one that's sure to survive until the kid is an adult. He was 1.75 years old.

I'm so happy the blog is back together again. It was like a piece of my heritage had been taken from me when it was gone.


mm said...

Wow, job well done! It must have been kind of fun reminiscing as you read through your posts.

KC said...

THANKS! It was also fun to see the commenters on these posts: jdoc, lh, and undomestic have multiple comments in these links. I am so happy to have had blogging friends, old and new!!!

dw said...

I enjoyed the walk down memory lane as well. Glad SavvyMom is back in one place!