Saturday, December 11, 2010

Party Like It's 1991

When I was a ninth grader, we had a crazy huge snow storm that stranded me at my friend Buffy's house for two days. It started on Halloween night, and the snow just kept on coming, all the way up to 28 inches. The stir-craziness at Buffy's peaked when her dad took her grandmother's tiny dog (Grandma was also snowed in with the family), and chucked it straight out the back door. The little white dog plummeted out of sight and barked from beneath the snow blanket until older-brother Charlie rescued it, which he did pretty hastily, as I recall.

The newspeople say we might top out at 20 inches of snow today, which is the next biggest snowfall after that 1991 extravaganza.

The combination of the snow and the Sadie's chaperoning last night (40 forgotten IDs, 3 too-small shirts, 2 missing straps, and a breathalizer blown for the po-lice!) made me extremely sleepy, so I napped with Mac for 2 hours. Dan took a picture of us when we woke up. It's just kind of a snoozy day around here.


mm said...

It's crazy! I like the pix... enjoy the snoozy day!

Martha Pettee said...

You didn't know her, but you look quite a bit like Grandma Margaret Siesseger Burnett. She was very pretty and strong looking all her long life.

LH said...

Thumbs up on naps.

dw said...

This picture is incredible. The detail. The eye. Truly stunning.