Friday, December 24, 2010

Sadly, This Video Reminds Me of Some People

I saw this video embedded on Scott McLeod's blog, and I really liked it. Probably because I've heard a lot of these comments in the last year in response to some really good ideas: ideas about making our school about equitable opportunities for black and brown kids, ideas about technology integration, and ideas about the nature of school itself.

My Anti-Creativity Checklist from Youngme Moon on Vimeo.

Let's keep fighting the good fight, peeps! I think it might be worth it. Someday. Perhaps. Maybe in an alternate universe.

Well, really what's the alternative? Great education for the rich white kids and that's it?


LH said...

Creativity is key to bringing about change I think. That's why this blogging challenge is so fab.
I liked this a lot.

dw said...

It's a good thing all y'all teachers in this challenge are so dedicated to your crafts. Gives the rest of us some hope.