Wednesday, December 8, 2010

With a Cheez-It on His Tongue

We're going for cuteness today. Cuteness and hat hair and the first time he's been cognizant of the webcam.

Oh, Mac. How can you be so adorable??


LH said...

So cute. He takes after his big bro.

Love this.

mm said...

Adorable to quite adorable... thanks for sharing!

Jim said...

As you know, we sure love watching those little guys from over here at the Hatten house.

These posts make me happy after a crappy day.

Not the place for it, but Cassie Sch. says hello. I talked to her for quite a while tonight after class. She had many, many nice things to say about you.

Jim said...

Also, forgot to mention: went to a presentation in Peik today for "Diversity Discussions" series: Julie Landsman led a discussion. Very good stuff. I was only person from LT there, of course. Your school staff should be forced to listen to her intently for several days until they realize she's brilliant.

Another shout out to you came from JDock, who shares my office with me and is very pregnant and due on Jan. 2.

Anonymous said...

You scored on the cuteness factor here.

dw said...

I like how he made it clear to the viewers that he was eating a cracker while singing.