Saturday, April 9, 2011


So, we hosted Shef's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's today. We threw tokens at the kids and whooed loudly when the person in the Chuck E. costume came out to pose for pictures. One girl sat far, far away from Chuck E. because apparently she finds him to be terrifying.

"Usually my mom has me sit over there when Chuck E. comes out," she explained, gesturing toward a rear corner of the food room.


StreibProjects said...

ha ha ha I hired a clown one year. That did not go well!

MQW said...

Happy birthday Shef! Wish I could have been there...a Chucky Chesse birthday is special! Love, Nana

mm said...

I think Chucky Cheese would scare me too. Maybe it's merely the idea that's frightening.

LH said...

That photo gets an F for FANTASTIC! Looks like a weird surreal dream.

Happy Birthday to Shef. And smart move having the fiesta away from the homestead. Always a good move!

Did you have treqt bags?

kc said...

In the photo, Shef was in the ticket blaster to grab as many tickets as he could. I am trying hard with the photos.

No treat bags this year - bobble-head Chuck E. cups and balloons.

I don't find Chuck to be frightening, but I do find him to be bizarre.

Edwin James said...

I hope Shef had a great time! Love this shot.

p.s. This is jdoc on Dave's computer again.