Friday, April 1, 2011

Double Black Diamond

After hours of his hassling and complaining, we agreed to take Shef through some trees in the back bowls of Vail.

I made sure he knew I was doing this only for him. "Look," I said, "I don't want to go on this run and neither does Dad, but we're doing it
anyway. For you. So don't ask any more times about double black diamonds or trees."

That deal didn't work at all, FYI

P.s. Thanks to Pronto for figuring out how to do photos from our phones. He's feeling smug, as you can imagine.


Anonymous said...

Great snow!! I'm envious.

LH said...

I'm nervous about you all skiing near the trees. I don't really see
any reason to do it. Please stay in open spaces.

mm said...

Are you posting to the blog from your phone?

jdoc said...

Great pic. I'm a terrible skier.

KC said...

Don't worry, LH - see those awesome helmets???

mm - I did post to the blog from my phone. Today and yesterday. That made me feel awesome, actually.

jw - it would be fun to ski sometime. also, did i tell you we're getting a dog??? i'll be needing advice. we're adopting an adult dog this summer, provided the boys start sleeping independently.

jdoc- thx! the guys are pretty cute. and shef is an extremely brave skier.

Anonymous said...

I love dogs!! And I have made so many mistakes with raising them that I have a lot of advice.

Plus I saw some movies from the Banff Film Festival. There were two about skiing and were totoally awesome. Breathtaking shots.If the festival comes your way pack up yourfamily and go see it.