Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where Do We Go

You can probably tell by looking at this image that my friend Elizabeth felt troubled about being forced into her role as Agent of No Child Left Behind.

I always feel terrible about administering those ridiculous high stakes tests, especially since we're randomly assigned to a group of kids who have never seen us before ever in their lives and then we hand them a test which they must pass or else not graduate.

I sure am disappointed in Obama for not only NOT reforming NCLB, but rather ramping it up with the stupid Race to the Top program. In fact, I'm so surprised that Obama turned out to be a republican. As a result of the realization that he actually doesn't believe in change, I've become more disillusioned with the political system.


mm said...

I ditto absolutely EVERYTHING in your last paragraph. Unfortunately, he is still a better choice than any "labeled" Republican in the next election.

Judy said...

I feel a little blue and stressed about everything that's going on with education.

jdoc said...

I'm so down about this. Blah.

LH said...

It's just misery, and that's all there is to it. I've spent the greater portion of the last 5 days of my life revising a report for the department of education about how we're going to improve our test scores. I'm in the thick of the mire right now. Soon we'll be done with this report and I can sit outside and enjoy our beautiful spring.
Maybe times will change and we'll find our way out of this darkness into some spring blooming for our students and our colleagues. I guess I wouldn't stay in the game if I didn't believe this was at least possible.

dw said...

It's too bad that we ever let someone like W dictate our education policy, and also too bad that O hasn't fixed it yet.

KC said...

I think we have to believe in the light. LIGHT! We'll make it.

I agree mm, we have to still vote obama.