Sunday, April 10, 2011

He Brings Out the Playful Side of Me

I tried to do an iPad painting of the Mario character, Princess Peach.

iPad painting is just as hard as I'd thought it would be. I have some practicing to do. I need practice with both the iPad art AND with my Nikon Coolpix. I transferred a bunch of pics from that to my computer tonight, and the best one was taken by the guy we asked to photograph the four of us on vacation.

Everyone has areas in which they can improve.


LH said...

I was going to draw Pokemon or Sponge Bob yesterday. Princess Peach looks great.

Did you use brushes?

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

OMG! She looks so good! I should probably get an iPad, also.

mm said...

I am impressed and want an iPad.

StreibProjects said...

Nice! I always pick her to drive when I play Mario Kart Double Dash.

jdoc said...

I think this is excellent! I like the heart at the end of her name. Maybe I'll do that at the end of my name from now on.

KC said...

Thank you for all of the positive feedback on my first work!!

I used Whiteboard for this because I missed that brushes sale. I'm thinking of doing a Mario Characters Series.

Streib - I also choose Princess Peach very often! Either Peach or Yoshi are my faves.

jdoc - you and every middle school kid we ever taught with the heart. :)