Monday, April 11, 2011

Eight Days A Week

After school, I grocery shopped, picked up Mac, stopped by home to pack the swim stuff and meet Dan, picked up Shef from Extended Day where he went after Chess Club, and fed us all at Panera.

In between Chess Club and Swimming Lessons, Shef ate this for dinner.


LH said...

Panera's a really good
choice for dinner.

I like your still life.

I'm listening to Norwegian Wood. I love John Lennon's voice in this song.

mm said...

It looks like a swell dinner to me.

jdoc said...

I was supposed to read Norwegian Wood for book club once. It was one of the many books I did not read. I guess that's a comment on a comment.

As for the image, I want some chocolate milk now.

LH said...

I tried to read that book too.

Could not get it done.

StreibProjects said...

I love Panera’s chicken soup in a bread bowl.

LH said...

I wish I had a Panera panini right now.