Monday, April 25, 2011

Here's Something Weird

I realized in the nick of time that I had almost forgotten to blog. Then, I remembered but I couldn't think of anything to say. Not a single thing.

Finally, I decided to write about the trials of teaching seniors in sixth hour in the spring.

So, I googled "sixth hour seniors," pressed images, and MY OWN PICTURE came up on the first row! Holy cow! This happened because of a tweet I sent from my teacher twitter account. Or magic.

Probably I could also use some make-up on MY FACE in this pic, but my self-esteem is fine even without it.


LH said...

Is sixth hour your final hour of teaching each day?

You all should have a party every day. Pitch that to the sixth hours and let me know what they think?

mm said...


Kc said...

Sixth is last hour. I think they feel like we should have a party every day. They sometimes act like they're at a party.

Martha Pettee said...

My sixth hour students made me cry twice. Actually I should say I cried in response to the sixth hour students behavior twice.