Sunday, April 3, 2011

If They're Green Or They're Blue

Here's a video blog about a strategy we're trying in our house. This is only one of hundreds of strategies we've employed in the last seven years. In all of that time and through all of those trials, only one other strategy has worked: a doctor-recommended goodie we like to call, "If you sleep, we'll pay you money."

Mac is too young to understand about money; however, so we're trying something more tangible.


mm said...

It seems like a great idea. Good luck.

LH said...

Just get a dog this week. That will make the kids
Wonder what's going on. Shake em up. Keep em on their

Did you have a dog when younger?

I liked your film.

KC said...

leeway, you always advise me to just give them whatever they want. i like that about you because it seems like you just want my adorable children to be happy.

i did have a dog growing up. a dog i loved named juno. she was a bichon frise. those dogs are so sweet, but also pretty dumb.

StreibProjects said...

Get a dog!! They are awesome. My boys hug their dog all the time. When they need a break from life, they make a beeline to Stormy. They sit with her and hug her and tell her that they love her. It’s adorable.

Indiana Rock on a California Roll said...

I am freaked out by dogs, as evidenced by my latest post. But I do love this sleep idea! Although, if someone told me that if I slept in my own bed for 60 nights I would consequentially receive a dog, I would try frantically find somewhere else to sleep after night number 59. So, this strategy would not work for me.

Anonymous said...

Get a dog! Get a dog! Everyone will be so much happier.

jdoc said...

All I think about is how to get my boy to sleep and stay asleep. So, this never ends?

Excited about the dog!

Gina Marie said...

Exciting news! I like your video, AND your necklace.

kc said...

Wow! Thanks for all these amazing comments!!!

I am getting the sense that I should just get a dog, but at this point, getting one would just show that I can't stick to my disciplinary strategies.

I used to feel like DailyRos about dogs, but recently I've had a change of heart. I think it's because my friend Rachel talked to my spirit about wanting a dog.

jdoc - i'm really sorry to say that my sleep woes have been ongoing for seven years. other people DO find ways to sleep, however, so I think it might just be my weird children.