Monday, January 19, 2015

A Book of Greek Antiquities

It's time for one of Mac's movie reviews.  It seems that Mac and I have become movie buddies.  I think the reason is that no one else will go to movies with me.  In fact, once I had to return a ticket for Shef because I assumed he'd want to see a movie with me, and he didn't.  He preferred to do nothing by himself than see a movie with me. 


Anyhow, here's Mac's review of Paddington:

Me: Mac, what did you think of Paddington?

Mac: Good.

Me: Was it better or worse than Big Hero 6?

Mac: Better.

Me: Wow!  Was it better or worse than Monsters University?

Mac: Better!

Me: I think I agree!  Paddington was really, really good.  But, was it better or worse than Free Birds?

Mac: Way, way, way better.  

Me: Yeah, Free Birds was terrible.

Mac: It was also sad because that old turkey died.

Me: You're right.  I forgot about that part.

Bottom line: Paddington is quite delightful.  Highly clever and enjoyable.  Way, way, way better than Free Birds.

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Anonymous said...

Good review Mac! Love, Nana