Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cup O' Kindess

It's time for another year on the blog.  A highlight of last year was that I posted more than I ever have.  It turns out it's not that hard to post (almost) every day if you just do it.  So, that was a revelation I came to at the end of September.  I might as well keep it up in 2015, as I have for the last TEN years.

Last night, we had a few great pals over for dinner.  At one point in the evening, I said, "Okay, who has regrets or resolutions?"

No one answered, except Dan.  He said, "Stop being so weird."  It wasn't a resolution; it was a directive for me.

It's business as usual in our household, I think we can all agree.  Happy 2015!


mm said...

Happy 2015. I look forward to following you and learning from you.

jhw said...

That was a West comment. :-)

LH said...

Sometimes I call kids "weirdos" and they're kind of offended, but I think it's a good thing.