Saturday, January 17, 2015

Status Report

Work: I'm slightly swamped, but feeling pumped about having finished report card comments.  As you may know from listening to Teach Times Two, the sixth graders started new lit circle books this week Also, we've gotten some positive responses about the sustainable development art installation.  One tough critic said, "It looks a lot better than I thought it would."

Violin: I passed my review of Suzuki Book Four.  "Do all of the adult students in your studio have to memorize the whole book?" I asked my teacher, quizzically.  I've been suspicious about this.  Sure enough, she hemmed and hawed in a way that indicated that her expectations do indeed vary by student.  She did not, however, waive the requirement that I, myself, play from memory.

Fashion: After KonMari-ing my clothes, I discovered that it's been awhile since I've updated my wardrobe.  I signed up for this thing called Stitch Fix. You fill out this style questionaire, and then a stylist sends you five things in the mail that fall within your designated price range.  They also send a pre-paid envelope to return anything you don't want. It's cool.  I made a Pinterest board of things I like, and they looked at it and sent me stuff that matched.  Thrilling.

Old Journal Reading: Tomorrow is #NovelSnip.  Sometimes when I work on the project, I glance at old journals from my late teens.  It's painful.  Today, I read like seven sentences and then had to stop because I was so disgusted by my former self.  I don't recommend keeping or reading old journals unless you someday plan to write a fictional character based on your former, irritating self.  Even then, it's wise to think twice.


Mary M. said...

Good update! I'm also feeling a bit swamped by school...

LH said...

I, too, enjoyed this update very much.
I threw a lot of my old journals away. I didn't like reading the stuff I wrote.
Now if and when I write my morning pages, I type them in Word and then delete them as soon as I'm done.

I'm very curious about Stitch Fix. Interesting.

KC said...

LH, you should try Stitch Fix. It's really fun, and it's basically no risk. They have a $20 styling fee, but it gets applied to anything that you keep. So you only have to like one thing, and you're good. You get to write them little notes, and they'll even read your blog to see what you're like. They'll also read your twitter. If you do it, you should use the link above because then I'll get a little referral credit.